Our Quality Service

• Qualified students are given opportunities in our musical troupe.
• We prepare students to take the Trinity London Music University certificate examinations.
• To make all the students comfortable, we engage women instructors for girls and ladies.
• We provide training in Classical, Western and Instrumentals.

We create perfect & powerful musicians.
We train students in classical and western music. We provide our students with various musical expertise such as Vocal Songs, Light music, Devotional songs and Bhajans. We have expert staff for teaching Keyboard, Guitar, Violin, Veena and Drums. We prepare qualified students to take up "Trinity London Music University" certificate examinations. We provide opportunities for qualified students in our music troupe.

Devotional Programme

We conduct devotional music programs and bhajan sessions on a regular basis.

Music Class

Our instructors work in government musical institutions and are experts in musical field.

Vocal Class

We teach both classical and western vocal instruments, such as Veena, Violin etc.